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About Polihale.com

Starting in August 2020, short-term predictions in the US stock market will be posted here. The predictions are derived from software that's highly-specialized and home-grown. The software uses innovative algorithms not yet published anywhere. For now, these predictions are meant to be shared only for fun; it is not actual professional investment advice.

Background: The author has considerable experience with ordinary technical analysis and prediction models using neural networks. However, the Secret Sauce in the algorithms here uses traditional signals analysis to unpack a stock's regression levels on two different time domain dimensions. This gives insight not otherwise easily seen.

The predictions are optimized for a time range of a few hours to a few days.

The pillar of one of the algorithms is the Morey Oscillator (named after the author's daughter). It was later renamed Ego after it was radically upgraded over a period of many nights at a bar of the same name in Casco Viejo, Panama.

Polihale - pronounced like po-lee-HOLLY - is a remote beach in Hawaii. It's known in Hawaiian mythology as the gateway to the afterlife.